Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Singing in the Rain

The incessant rain in Pittsburgh is the inspiration for tonight’s post—that and the fact that I’ll do anything to avoid writing my Comparative Political Behavior paper. Blech!
The rain has me thinking about essential rain accessories:
ü Rain boots
ü Umbrellas
ü Trenches
There are so many great brands to choose from that it can sometimes be overwhelming! Well, here’s a quick guide to some of the most classic designs.
Rain boots:
Burberry, $275 (This particular design can be found at
Hunter’s Original Tall for Women, $125 (
Sperry, $70 (Many different designs at
Burberry, $150-275 (
ShedRain, 32.99 (
My personal favorite, because they last so long and have SO many designs—Totes, $24 (
Burberry, usually $800-$1,200 (
Ralph Lauren, $159.99 on sale (
L.L. Bean, $119 (
London Fog, $99.98 (
With all these great styles, you, too, will be singing in the rain!
(Disclaimer: these are just some of the most popular and best-known choices. Feel free to comment with other suggestions!)

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