Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ashton Dating Video

As a newly single girl, I'm again on the hunt for the perfect man. As my followers may remember, one of my closest guy friends responded to my news by saying, "Kim, you're not getting any younger. You need to find a man." Gee. Thanks. So when I heard that Ashton Kutcher is again on the market and using an online dating website, I figured - what's the harm? I went to and granted Facebook access to my page to see if I'd be matched with my high school love (Ashton, obviously - not that weirdo I dated for a year and a half). Boy, was I surprised!

If you haven't already seen these videos, you need to check them out immediately. Ashton's made up as four totally ridiculous characters , all with their own endearing qualities.  Nigel's your typical vegan, hippie kinda guy. Not exactly my type. Darl's a diva and would probably be a lot of fun to shop with. Rag's a Snooki fan, so we won't work. With my luck, Swordfish is the only one who would be interested in me, but I think I'll hold out for Ashton. Regardless, these are all hilarious!

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